Bees are fascinating, essential creatures!
Did you know…

  • Honey bees are critically important to our food supply, but they are only one of 4,500 bee species in North America.
  • 70% of human food crops are pollinated by bees. Bee-pollinated crops tend to be the most nutritious food sources.
  • Bees face an ever-changing and harsh set of threats in the form of pests and pathogens, pesticides, and habitat destruction.

Bees are dying at a worrying rate, but…

You can help! You hold more power than you can imagine. You can do tremendous good for the bees in your area with very little effort.

Why does it matter?

“When bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition…”
– Marla Spivak

A healthy bee population is necessary to produce local food from small farms, gardens, and fruit trees. When you take small steps to nurture bees, you are making your community more resilient against food insecurity, inadequate nutrition, and economic hardship.

Bee a Hero: plant bee food!

Studies show that well-nourished bees are more resilient in the face of pesticides, pests, and pathogens. Unfortunately, bees have less to eat and less diversity in their diets, than ever before.

Fact: bees in urban areas can sometimes do better than those in the farmlands, thanks to the diverse and long-blooming flowers planted by urban gardeners.

Heroes earn rewards…

Get Cash: When you buy qualifying bee-friendly plants from participating nurseries, we will cover 10% of your purchase, plus a coupon for 10% off your next purchase at your local nursery. Click here for details.

Get Information: Bees have been around for millions of years, but we are still learning new things about them on a daily basis. Apicurious believes that bee advocacy means staying current with the latest research and sharing information openly with fellow bee lovers. Our Beelog and newsletter are written with the goal of connecting you with the most compelling bee info!

Get Connected: On request, connect participants with nearby beekeepers, so they can buy honey that may have come partly from flowers in their yard!