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Beekeeper in Central Oregon - Karessa Torgerson

Have you ever worked with something for so many hours that the image of it imprints on your vision, and when you go to bed the image is projected into the darkness when you close your eyes? When I see bees that way I know I’ve had a good day. Maybe you feel the same way. Bee enthusiasm is infectious!

I can’t get enough of talking with other people about bees. Over the last few years I have done a lot of it:

  • Workshops for summer camps held by the Corvallis Environmental Center
  • Bee demonstrations for the Humane Society
  • Bee tours for Americorp Volunteers
  • Instruction for the Apprentice level of the Oregon Master
    Beekeeping Program
  • Mentorship for the Oregon Master Beekeeping Program
  • Beginning- and intermediate-level classes for beekeepers

Additionally, I am the Officer of Outreach and Education for the Linn/Benton County Beekeeper’s Association and a member of the Oregon State Beekeeper’s Association.

If you’d like to talk bees with me or have any questions I can help with, please click the Contact link to send me a message.

Thank you for visiting my site,
Karessa Torgerson

What my customers say…

Hi Karessa,
I am still on a “bee” high, from this morning’s lesson with you! I so appreciate you taking time to come out and spending time with me and my hive. I learned so many things today…and feel more confident about working with the bees. I thought about the experience all day.

You mentioned you are going to be a teacher at the apprentice school. You will be great! Your kind and gentle way was reassuring. You were letting me, the student do what I was comfortable doing, you shared your wisdom freely. You were polite and respectful!

Again, Karessa, thank you sooooo much.

- Marie L., Corvallis Oregon

Karessa became our official volunteer bee keeper and has been an enormous asset to SAGE this summer. She led sessions during both Buzz About Bees and Butterflies, Bees and Birds camps – suiting up and teaching the children about life on the inside of a hive. What’s more, she brought gallons of their golden nectar to Avery House and taught campers how to extract honey from the comb. Her sticky visit was a highlight of both camps. Karessa also visited with our Roots & Shoots home school group at SAGE, fascinating both students and parents with her love for these important – and threatened – little creatures.

- Corvallis Environmental Center, Oregon