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Amoretti: Sonnet 71

Edmund Spenser I ioy to see how, in your drawen work, Your selfe unto the Bee ye doe compare, And me unto the Spyder, that doth lurke In close awayt, to catch her unaware. Right so your selfe were caught in cunning snare Of a deare foe, and thralled to his love; In whose streight bands ye now captived are So firmely, that ye never may remove. But as your worke is woven all about With woodbynd flowers and fragrant eglantine, So sweet your prison you in time shall prove, With many deare delights bedecked fyne: And all thensforth eternall peace shall see Betweene the Spyder and the gentle Bee.

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Queen for Sale in Corvallis

Do you need a new queen? I'd love to keep this beautiful girl but don't have anywhere to put her. She was new this spring and is marked with a 2012 pen. She has a solid laying pattern and a mostly Italian lineage. Contact me for details.

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