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Aftermath: Yellow Jackets

This year the yellow jackets have been particularly aggressive around my hives. The bees are completely defenseless against them. I once saw a yellow jacket tear a worker bee to pieces before she had breathed her dying breath. Once the yellow jackets have identified a hive as a food source, reducing the hive entrance is the only real defensive option. Some yellow jackets still get in to plunder, but at least the bees have a smaller entrance to defend. The forager traps are just ok. In my experience they don't help much. Prevention is a much more effective means of control. An ounce ...

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Monsanto Buys Bee-Friendly Pesticide Researcher

Is it just me or is this a little fishy? Monsanto Co. said Wednesday it bought a smaller biotech research company that is developing a technology to kill crop pests while protecting the health of bees. Monsanto, the world's biggest seed company, did not disclose terms of the deal to buy the company, called Beeologics. Bees are critical plant pollinators, and public concern has swelled over a recent bee pathology called colony collapse disorder. The disorder causes whole hives of bees to die off, cutting the numbers of insects that naturally pollinate important food crops. It's still unclear what causes colony collapse disorder, but ...

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Event: Bee All You Can Bee – A Pollinator Primer

As part of the Living with Nature Lecture Series, Greenbelt Land Trust presents: “Bee All You Can Bee: A Pollinator Primer ” Bruce Newhouse, Ecologist and Principal, Salix Assoc Wednesday, October 12th @ 7 pm Corvallis Downtown Public Library, Main Meeting Room In this presentation, learn about pollination and its importance, pollination biology, some of our fascinating pollinators, and how you can "bee" helpful in keeping our local pollinators thriving.

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