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Olympic Wilderness Apiaries

I have three new queens coming from Olympic Wilderness Apiaries on September 6th. Check out their selection criteria below to see why I'm smiling. Unfortunately, the smile is probably can we hold on to the superior genetic lines with all the non-hygienic stock everywhere? OWA STOCK SELECTION CRITERIA: Hygienic Behavior - minimum of 95% removal of killed brood in 24 hours Varroa Resistance - 5% or below: UNTREATED. Nosema Tolerance - Demonstrate vigor with high exposure: UNTREATED Gentleness - Able to work without gloves. Swarming Behavior - Not prone to swarm Hoarding Behavior - Excellent Honey producers; Heavy pollen collectors Longevity * Production Queens: grafted from queens over-wintered minimum one season * Select' ...

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Tip of the Decade!

OK, maybe that's a little bit of an overstatement. Still, it's an excellent tip from Heike Williams, one of the beekeepers involved in creating the Oregon State Master Beekeeper program. The Dollar Store brand (LA's Totally Awesome) degreaser dissolves propolis from hard surfaces and clothing! No kidding! It really works. If you have a Dollar Store in your area, go stock up now before other beekeepers clear out the supplies.

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Extractor for Rent

I just bought a nice Maxant extractor. It can extract 3 deep frames, 6 medium frames, or 9 shallow frames at once. It has legs, a four-to-one belt-driven ratio, and a conical bottom for better drainage. You can see it here. If you live near Corvallis you can rent the extractor for $25 dollars per day, plus a $30 refundable deposit. Delivery and pickup are available for an extra fee. If the extractor isn't clean upon return a $10 cleaning fee applies. Glory Bee in Eugene rents a 3 frame extractor for just over $11 per day, plus a $25 refundable deposit. Theirs works fine if you have only ...

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Honey Harvesting Tips

Are you a hobbyist who is extracting honey in your kitchen this year? The extracting process can be arduous and unbelievably messy. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the hassle. Please note this is not intended to be a set of instructions, but more of a learn-from-my-mistakes-so-you-don't-have-to-make-your-own.   Arrange for an extractor a month or more before you need it. Otherwise you might not be able to find one until it is too late in the season to begin any fall medications/treatments you want to use after the supers are removed. Try to rent or borrow an extractor that can be ...

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