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Honey is behind new technique to help ulcers heal

From the BBC: A new type of medical bandage using chemicals derived from bees' honey is being trialled in Staffordshire. Early results show that the dressing produces better and quicker effects on long-term wounds than traditional methods.

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Mind your Beeswax

Ask a seasoned beekeeper about his most valuable beekeeping asset and he will likely tell you about frames of comb. If you're surprised, you're not alone. Frames are relatively cheap in terms of human resources. A few bits of wood, wire, brass, and wax don't break the bank and it only takes a few minutes to put them together, so the labor investment is small. The less apparent but very real value of the frames lies in the drawn-out comb, which is quite costly in bee terms. In order to create a single pound of beeswax the bees need to consume, on ...

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Survivor Stock!

Last night I collected a swarm from a pear tree out on Kiger Island. The swarm probably came from a feral colony living in one of the ancient and beautiful oak trees towering over the property. If these bees have a fraction of the feist of the woman who owned the place, they'll make for a strong, healthy colony. What a woman!

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Want to become a Beekeeper?

There are still two openings for this Saturday's Beekeeping Workshop at the SAGE community garden in Corvallis. The workshop will run from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM. Attendees will spend some hands-on time working in the SAGE hives after reviewing such fundamentals as: Honey bee biology Pests and diseases Nutrition and best practices Beekeeping equipment Getting started with beekeeping Local resources The fee for the workshop is a sliding scale donation of $20-$30. If you're interested, sign up here.

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