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To Inspect Or Not To Inspect

  It's summer. The bees are packing in the nectar at a frenzied pace. You light up the smoker and lift the cover to see that the bees have filled half the super you added not long ago. Everything looks good. Should you take the super off and inspect the brood chamber? It depends. What are your goals? If you're a first-year beekeeper and want every learning opportunity, go ahead and take a good look. In subsequent years, it might be in your colony's best interest to hold off. It's commonly said that inspecting a colony can set its progress back by as ...

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Bees and the Sixth Dimension

  Barbara Shipmen is a mathematician who studies problems in quantum theory. She also happens to have experience with the honey bee. While studying shapes and patterns that might exist in the sixth dimension, she came across some that precisely match the honey bee waggle dance. The details are awe-inspiring. Read more here.

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Nature’s Secret: Why Honey Bees Are Better Politicians Than Humans

  NPR did a great little piece about the honey bee politics of swarming.

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Tunison Update

  The remaining swarm accepted the hive box. The yard owners helped (or maybe I helped them) get the box off its perch on a Very Tall Ladder. We set it atop the existing hive with newspaper between the hive bodies. I believe the existing hive has only an unmated queen. When the swarm queen starts laying (assuming she is already mated, which isn't guaranteed considering there were two swarms), I hope the bees will accept her and reject the unmated one.

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