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Formerly Known As Queenless

  One of the formerly queenless hives here at the house has raised a new queen. Miraculously, she managed to make her mating flights despite the rain. She has one of the better laying patterns I have seen. Yay! If you look closely at the picture you can see some of the tiny larvae. Nice to see they are "swimmin' in jelly". Maybe this year won't be so bad despite the attrocious weather. There is at least one queen piping in the other formerly queenless hive. I gave that one a frame of uncapped brood to ward off any laying worker tendencies, but otherwise left ...

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Beekeeper Leaks EPA Document


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Bee Familiar

  Honey bees are the only invertebrates known to have the ability to recognize human faces in photographs. In a study reported in the Journal of Experimental Biology, honey bees learned to associate a photograph of a specific person with sugar syrup the researchers placed near the photograph. The bees were able to differentiate between the reward photograph and similar images of other people. Many beekeepers believe their bees know them. Some cite this study as supporting evidence. However, the researchers who did the study are quick to point out they don't think the bees actually understood the images were of human faces.

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Bee Charged

When a worker bee takes flight, the friction of air rushing over her body hair causes the hair to be electrostatically charged. The charged hair acts like a pollen magnet, pulling pollen off every flower she visits. When enough pollen has accumulated on her body, she uses her legs to brush it into a clump, which she dampens with saliva and adheres to her pollen baskets.

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