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And off they go!

  I was working in the yard most of the day today and completely failed to notice the huge swarm that was hanging from one of the apple trees. That is, until they took off for their new home. ARGH! I wonder which hive they came from? Couldn't tell by watching the bees coming and going. All the hives seemed as busy as usual. I hope they found a nice place to be and can survive on their own. Not likely, considering only one of those hives is showing any sign of hygienic behavior, and that one only a bit. Video ...

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Royalty and Lessons From the Swarm

Here's a beautiful queen from one of the new packages. All three packages are doing well. The swarm, on the other hand, is a goner. It's the first time I either missed the queen or lost her in the process, and an extended bout of rainy weather didn't help matters. Sad. I learned some things, though: always pay attention to the weather, feed swarms generously, and listen to the bees. If they're not accepting the box you're trying to put them in then the queen probably isn't in there! Also, if the swarm is spread out over the boot of a car, ...

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First Swarm of the Year

The new manager at the Corvallis Environmental Center called late this afternoon to tell me about a bee swarm clustering on a car in the parking lot of the park/SAGE Community Garden. I was surprised that there was a verified swarm this early in the year. Are there enough drones to mate with a new queen? We'll need to watch the old hive at SAGE for signs of an inadequate one, in case the swarm came from that hive. Normally, swarms are clustered in an easily-collectible bunch, usually on a tree limb or something like it. This one was not inclined ...

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Asian Bee

  Here they are, the little undomesticatable robbers that are spreading fear and varroa across the beekeeping world. Australia is really struggling with these little invaders, and the US has recently banned the import of honeybees from Australia for fear of importing the Asian bee as well.

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