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Propolis Boosts Cancer Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy

  Excerpt from A Review of Propolis Antitumour Action In Vivo and In Vitro Journal of ApiProduct & ApiMedical Science, Vol. 2 (1) pp. 01-20 Epidemiologic findings strongly suggest that cancer rates are influenced by environmental factors that can be mitigated to a great extent, for example by a diet rich in polyphenolic/flavonoid compounds. Among natural products, honeybee propolis has been applied for centuries in traditional medicine as well as in diets and supplementary nutrition. Honeybee propolis and its polyphenolic/flavonoid compounds have been known to exhibit biological activity including immunopotentiation, chemopreventive and antitumour effects. In this review we consider the inhibition of tumour growth by honeybee ...

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Bee Crisis Deepening

  Beekeepers in Ohio lost 70% of their hives this winter. An article by Associated Press describes 2010 as one of the worst years yet: Beekeeper Zac Browning shipped his hives from Idaho to California to pollinate the blossoming almond groves. He got a shock when he checked on them, finding hundreds of the hives empty, abandoned by the worker bees. The losses were extreme, three times higher than the previous year. "It wasn't one load or two loads, but every load we were pulling out that was dead. It got extremely depressing to see a third of my livestock gone," Browning said, standing next to stacks of dead ...

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Bees Help Farmers Tell Elephants To Buzz Off

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Never a dull moment

  If you never want to be bored again, get bees. I walked out for my afternoon bee therapy session (there's little more healing than watching bees, you know) just in time to see Unnamed II abscond. They left a few frames of eggs and capped brood and a handful of newborn bees with their pale fur still damp, looking very lonely in the otherwise empty hive. There was no nectar and only a trace of pollen. I couldn't find their new location, though I looked high and low for them for a good third of a mile in the direction they ...

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